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Labor Day Pizza Party

How To Plan A Labor Day Party And Use Your Authentic Pizza Oven 

Are you planning a Labor Day party for friends and family? Do you want to wow them by going beyond traditional hot dogs, hamburgers and potato salad menu options? Why not serve up pizzas with unique and flavorful toppings that you cook in your own authentic pizza oven?

How many years have you served the same foods to your friends at your backyard get-togethers? If you’re like many people -- it’s been years, decades even, that your outdoor party menu has been the same.

Authentic Pizza Oven Tradition

Start a new tradition when you start serving pizzas made in your authentic pizza oven at your next get-together. You may even get help from your guests with the cooking because they will want to know all about the oven, where you got it, how often you use it and what types of foods you can cook in in -- in addition to pizzas you’re serving, of course!

How To Plan A Labor Day Party

Here are our favorite Labor Day Party planning tips:

  1. Invite your friends. Whether you send e-vites, call them or send invitations through the mail, send them early to secure the date. Tell them that wood-fired pizza will be on the menu!
  2. Decide whether you will have a theme for the party. Your Labor Day Party theme can center around a specific color, a Hawaiian theme, a movie theme or a traditional end-of-summer theme.
  3. Determine what types of pizzas you want to make. Better yet, grab a variety of potential pizza toppings and let your guests “make their own.” They could make a meat lover’s pizza, a pineapple pizza, a veggie-topped pizza or a traditional cheese and pepperoni pizza. Provide them with the pizza shell then gather around a table with the toppings and let your friends’ and family’s imaginations run wild on their unique pizza choice. Take photos of the prep station and the finished product; it’s a great memento of the day spent together.

If your guests want to bring a dish to pass ask them to bring the fixings for a salad, and just like the pizza prep table your guests can assemble their own unique salad while their pizza bakes in the authentic pizza oven. Don’t forget the beverages! Fill coolers with ice and add your favorite sodas, bottled water, adult beverages and juice boxes for the children.

You can rest assured that your pizza oven will take center stage and be the subject of much conversation. Your party will also be remembered as being unique in its departure from a traditional Labor Day Party menu to a memorable and delicious wood-fired pizza.

Don’t forget dessert pizza! You may want to prepare this in advance so you can simply slide it into your authentic pizza oven to cook once dinner has been enjoyed. Wood-fired Bananas Foster is sure to be a hit, grab the recipe here.  

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Questions about Authentic Pizza Ovens? Contact us today.

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