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Simple Ways to Care for Your Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Outdoor Pizza ovens are one of the best additions to your backyard or patio you can have. It will undoubtedly be the highlight of your yard. Some may feel having to take care of a pizza oven is a lot of work or daunting; it is not. 

It is important that you take care of  anything you have so that it will last and work properly. Maintaining, cleaning, and caring for your woodfired pizza oven regularly is important to its performance. It is also important to maintain the cleanliness of your oven since contaminants inside your oven can affect the taste and smell of the pizzas you prepare.

Follow these simple steps. These tips will help you maintain your wood-fired pizza ovens so you can enjoy delicious, home-cooked wood fired foods and pizza for years to come!


1. Cover it up

Your pizza oven should be protected from the elements, no matter what type it is. Your oven can age poorly over time if it has been exposed to rain, winds, or extreme heat for an extended period of time. We recommend covering your oven when it's not in use to prevent moisture damage, no matter what material it's made of. 

authentic pizza oven cover

Your Authentic Pizza Oven must be covered during any rain or snow. By using a protective cover for your outdoor oven, you can prevent cracks, water damage, and UV deterioration. Keeping your oven covered will extend its life for years to come!

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2. Clean out the ashes

Ash build-up in your wood fire oven can reduce cooking space and if sitting for a long time can acquire musty smells. A simple sweep of your oven's interior after each use is usually sufficient.

Pizza oven shovel

Use Authentic Pizza Oven's Galvanized Hand-Held Ash Shovel to clean out your oven after the ashes have completely cooled! As with a fireplace, shovel ashes into a bucket or non-flammable container. Ash can be recycled for use as organic fertilizer and pest repellent.



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3. Seasonal cure

Curing your oven is a crucial first step since it removes any moisture that might damage its masonry. It is wise to cure your oven after a winter or long period of no use. When it comes to curing your outdoor pizza oven, the best time is when you approach the season when you will be using it most often or after the rainy or humid season has passed. 

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Curing your oven is also recommended if you haven't used it for a long time since this reset the components that usually expand when heated. In addition, moisture can build up in your oven when you aren't using it. When pizza is baked at high temperatures, trapped water expands and cracks your masonry.

Curing your oven means drying it with low heat for a set period, which helps to remove moisture. In the same way as your "break-in" cure, a seasonal cure involves slowly heating your oven over a long period of time. Check out the pizza oven curing schedule on


4. Make sure you stay within temperature range

Despite many ovens' ability to withstand temperatures, there are some ovens that have a lower range than others. Woodfired pizza ovens can easily reach extreme temperatures. In general, ovens are able to withstand extreme heat occasionally, but frequent high temperatures can accelerate the aging of your oven. There are times when you unintentionally exceed your oven's temperature range; too much wood can stoke a fire that burns hotter than you intended, making it hard to control the temperature.

Use the right kind of wood for your wood fired pizza oven

You can also burn your pizza and lose the flavor of your toppings when your pizza oven heats up too much - reduce the number of logs you use at a time to regulate the temperature. It can be helpful to use an infrared thermometer to help monitor oven temperatures, ensuring you do not overheat!  Typically you should not exceed 900-1000F.


5. Make sure to use high-quality dry wood

High moisture content wood produces smoky flames. Smokey wood burns inefficiently and can taint pizza's taste. As a result of poor firewood quality, soot accumulates in your oven and on your grills. You'll need to clean your pizza oven more frequently if there is too much soot clogging your vents. You can improve the performance of your outdoor pizza oven by taking good care of it. Maintaining a clean, functional oven reduces your preparation time whenever you want to use it. Better quality pizza comes from a clean oven!

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Caring for your Outdoor Pizza Oven

Caring for your authentic wood-fired outdoor pizza oven is not that hard. Just follow the simple steps mentioned above to so you are sure to enjoy more meals and memories together with family and friends over pizza!

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