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Essential Tools and Accessories for Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Owners

Many people assume that creating a great pizza only requires excellent cooking skills and quality ingredients. However, a well-maintained wood-fired oven can make a pizza taste even better. In addition, you need to have the right set of pizza oven accessories and tools to simplify the process of preparing the pizza for the oven. 

When you purchase a new pizza oven, you’ll want to get the most out of your investment by ensuring that it exceeds your expectations. You should also expect no less from the pizza oven accessories that you buy too. 

Here is a list of the best pizza oven tools and accessories that you will need to prepare the tastiest pizzas imaginable.


Pizza Peel

A pizza peel is a must-have accessory for any kitchen where pizzas are created. It is a tool that could be made of either wood or metal. The purpose of the pizza peel is to pick up the pizza, put it in the oven, and then take it out after it’s been cooked. Think of it as an oversized spatula.

Of course, pizza peels come in different sizes and shapes. The pizza peel you choose should depend on the type of pizza you want to make and the amount of space available in your kitchen. 

Using a long pizza peel may be more challenging in a small kitchen. On the other hand, a short pizza peel may make it difficult for you to reach into the far corners of the oven. So, try to find a medium-sized pizza peel or purchase multiple sizes if you want to experiment with them.

Authentic Pizza Ovens sells its pizza tools and accessories in the United States. In fact, we have one of the handiest pizza peels on the market today. Our pizza peel is 0.5 inches thick and made from natural pine material. We even implemented a tapered design to make it easy to control and manipulate. It has an 8-inch handle, so it is suitable to use in any small or large kitchen. The blade measurement is 12”x14”, making it easy to scoop up small pizzas and move them around as needed.

Which is better, a wooden pizza peel or an aluminum pizza peel?

Both pizza peels have their pros and cons. A wooden pizza peel is better for putting uncooked pizza into the oven because pizza dough barely sticks to wood. The pizza peel’s blade can easily slide underneath the pizza without causing damage to the crust. Alternatively, the wooden pizza peel can serve as a chopping board for the various ingredients of the pizza. This will save you money from having to purchase a separate chopping board.  

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An aluminum pizza peel is much lighter than a wooden pizza peel. Some people have trouble turning over pizza with a wooden pizza peel because it weighs a few extra pounds. But with an aluminum pizza peel, it is much easier to turn over pizzas because you don’t have the added weight of the wood. On top of that, aluminum is much easier to clean than wood. That is a good thing because dough sticks a lot more to aluminum, which means you’ll need to clean the pizza peel more thoroughly. 

Whether you plan to buy an outdoor pizza oven or an indoor pizza oven, pizza peels are essential to have in any kitchen.  

Pizza Bubble Popper 

When you first start making pizzas, one of the things you’ll notice immediately is the pizza bubbles that form in the pizza dough. Bubbles create empty spots in the middle of the dough, causing the toppings to slide off the top of the pizza. Since no one likes to eat pizzas with bubbles and few toppings, you need to pop those bubbles as the dough bakes in the oven. 

A pizza bubble popper is a special tool designed to eliminate unwanted bubbles in the pizza dough. It is crafted with an aluminum prong that has sharp teeth at the end of it. You can use the teeth to pop the bubbles in the dough before they harden. If used correctly, the pizza bubble popper will keep all the toppings intact while protecting your arms from burning in the oven.


Ash Shovel


An ash shovel does just what the name indicates. It allows you to remove the ash and cinders from the oven. An ash shovel can also be used to move the wood around after the oven is heated. That way, the cooking surface is fully exposed for the pizza to cook without any ashy debris obstructing the heat.

Oven Brush

If you want to have a well-maintained pizza oven, you need to clean it regularly with a high-quality oven brush. Our oven brush has the following:

  •  7-inch carbon wire brush with a scraper
  •  27-inch wooden handle 

Alternatively, you can use our oven brush to move the fire from the center to the side of the pizza. 


Oven Cover

An oven cover is the best way to protect your oven from the harmful elements of nature, such as dust, snow, rain, heat and bugs. These elements can diminish the quality of any pizza oven, regardless of its durability. Oven covers can also protect oven surfaces when you need to transport your ovens.

Our oven covers are made of elegant black nylon material, making them easy to slip onto any pizza oven. Just remove the chimney cap and put the cover on the oven. Then it will be protected all year round. 


Oven Stand


An oven stand adds portability to your oven. The wheels on the bottom allow you to transport your oven anywhere, such as to an outdoor kitchen setup. Most pizza bakers prefer our oven stand over all the others on the market. 

Our Maximus Arena Mobile pizza oven stand is made of black steel and built with an extended shelf for carrying and storing foods, tools and beverages. It can also function as a food cart, thanks to these features. 


Pizza Cutter

 pizza cutter

Image credit: Wikimedia

Pizza cutting is perhaps the most popular step in preparing a pizza. After you have baked your pizza and removed it from the oven, you need to divide it into slices. That way, it is easy to serve the pizza to multiple people.

A wheel pizza cutter is the primary tool used for cutting pizza into slices. It is a circular cutting tool with sharp roller blades that make it easy to cut into pizza. 

When you finish using the pizza cutter, it doesn’t take much effort to clean it. Just soak the pizza cutter in warm tap water to remove the food particles from the blade. Use a sponge and liquid soap to ensure the cutter blade is totally clean. Once the food particles are removed, use a dry cloth to remove all traces of water from the blade. Otherwise, the metal could form rust.  



 An authentic brick pizza oven is a wonderful appliance to own. However, like any handy appliance, it cannot do all the work alone. If you use the basic accessories and tools outlined above, they will ensure that your pizzas come out perfectly. Therefore, it is worth investing in the best quality pizza oven tools and accessories because they will help you produce the tastiest pizzas you’ve ever eaten. 

Follow the Authentic Pizza Ovens Blog for more tips and tricks in using your wood-fired pizza oven.


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