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Cooking Pizza in A Wood Fire Pizza Oven

Cooking Pizza in A Wood Fire Pizza Oven

There is no doubt that pizza is among the most popular foods in the US. USDA estimates 13% Of Americans Eat Pizza Every Day. In fact, pizza can actually be quite healthy, contrary to what many people think!

Choosing what type of pizza to eat comes down to personal preference. A majority of chain delivery restaurants serve extra-everything, cheese-in-the-crust pizzas, which contain highly processed ingredients, and their health benefits are rather limited.

Typical pizza crust and toppings contain high levels of sodium and fat, along with additives and preservatives found in processed meat toppings. It is true that some pizzas may be unhealthy, but other less processed varieties can be nutritious.

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Healthy Pizza Options

Pizza made from fresh, whole ingredients provides a healthy alternative to those high in calories, fat, and sodium. A traditional-style pizza is a relatively simple food that is made of flour, yeast, water, salt, oil, tomato sauce, and fresh cheese. With these ingredients, making pizza from scratch is quite nutritious.

Healthy Pizza Options

Healthy protein sources like grilled chicken or nutrient-dense toppings can boost the nutritional content of homemade pizza. Consequently, there are also many pizza chains that offer whole-wheat and gluten-free crusts, as well as nutritious topping options, such as fresh vegetables and herbs.

If you top your pizza with roasted vegetables, basil, spinach, or even just roasted garlic, you're adding some great nutrients rather than a pound of pepperoni and extra cheese.

Although the local restaurants and chains are ‘doing their best’ to make a healthier style of pizza, nothing beats making a wood-fired pizza from home. Ingredients are completely up to you.


Benefits of Eating Pizza

Pizza has more benefits than just that. The cheese on a typical slice of pizza provides about 20% of the daily recommended amount of protein and calcium. Tomato sauce also contains lycopene, which fights cancer. If you want to make your own crust, you can use whole-grain flour or purchase a prepared thin crust (read the label to choose one that contains healthy ingredients). Tomato sauce without added sugar or salt is a great choice, or you can skip the sauce entirely and add fresh or sundried tomatoes instead.

When it comes to topping combinations for pizza, there are endless possibilities. Those who love meat load their pies with meatballs, sausage, pepperoni, and ham. Those who love veggies pile their cheesy creations with peppers and onions, eggplant, or spinach and olives.

There's really no way that you can go wrong. Making your wood-fired pizza crust THIN and loading it with healthy fire-roasted veggies is the healthiest way to go.

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Top 5 Best Pizza Toppings

But what are some of the most popular pizza toppings? Which ones are favored more than others? There are certainly some. In some cases, people add sardines to their pies, but that's not the norm.

In the United States, the following are the top five most popular pizza toppings.


A classic among pizza-lovers everywhere, and probably not a surprise to anyone, but pepperoni is by far the most popular pizza topping in the United States on top of pizza. Pepperoni is also the most popular topping in 12 U.S. states. It is an ingredient that appears on approximately 36% of all pizzas. Americans consume around 250 million pounds of pepperoni per year.

Extra Cheese

Americans also love to order extra cheese on their pies. New York and Vermont are two states which are particularly known for their extra cheese pizzas. Cheeses such as mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan, and provolone are the major types of cheeses used to add unique flavors to pizzas.


In the United States, mushrooms rank third when it comes to pizza toppings. There may be a reason for this, since they complement both veggie pies and meat pies, adding a whole new dimension to delicious creations.


The popularity of onions is another surprise on the list, ranking right after mushrooms in terms of their popularity. The reason may also be because they add a slight crunch and a fresh taste to both veggie and meat-topped pizzas, which complement each other well. White onions are considered to be the best onion for pizzas because of their strong yet enjoyable flavor. In many dishes, white onions are an essential ingredient, and this is the same with pizza. White onions are the best among all the types of onions when it comes to mixing them with other typical pizza toppings.


Sausage toppings are also included in the most popular toppings. Black olives, pepperoni, bacon, and meatballs are often tossed in with it. A lot of people enjoy pairing this dish with toppings like green peppers and black olives. There are also sausages with spicy seasonings as well as those with mild ones, so you can choose one that is suitable for everyone. On pizza, Italian sausage is most commonly used. Pepperoni is another popular choice. Interestingly, pepperoni is actually sausage, the most popular pizza topping. The main difference between pepperoni and sausage is the thinner meat and the distinct flavor and color.


Cooking Your Wood-fired Pizza

You can redefine your backyard celebrations with family and friends by cooking in an Authentic Pizza Oven. There's nothing like a wood-fired oven for delicious pizza when it comes to preparing this easy, healthy meal. The smell of wood-burning pizza ovens will have you drinking wine and simply enjoying the scenery. A wood-fired pizza oven makes pizza taste great without a doubt.

Smoky flavor in a wood fired pizza oven

Smoke emanating from the oven's internal wood fire gives the food its distinctive smoky flavor. When the pizza is cooked, the smoky flavor gets baked into the crust and toppings. In addition to the fact that wood-fired pizzas are so delicious, their short time in the oven is also one of the reasons why they are so extra tasty. As a result of the fast-cooking time of pizza toppings in the oven, they retain their fresh taste.

But on top of that, the wood-fired oven produces a crust that is pillowy on top, chewy in the middle, and crispy on the bottom. It is an addictive texture that satisfies you with every bite.


Choose a Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Make your cooking fun and exciting while rewarding yourself with incomparable flavor with your own Authentic Pizza Ovens - Wood Fire Pizza Oven!

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