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How to Choose the Right Pizza Peel

Pizza comes in different flavors, sizes, shapes, and ingredients. The same goes with a pizza peel. Not all pizza peels are created equal. They come in different sizes, materials, and shapes. Each has its unique advantage depending on one’s preference and need.

Before you choose what kind of peel suits you best, it is better to know what is a pizza peel?

A pizza peel is also known as  “baking peel”.  It is a pizza-making tool used for the following purposes:

  • Sliding the pizza into  the oven  to avoid spilling its ingredients
  • Taking out the hot pizza to avoid mishaps. 
  • Turning the pizza properly while inside the oven

Pizza Peel and its Parts

Pizza peel or pizza paddle has two parts. The surface and the handle.  The surface which is made of metal or wood is the large, flat area where pizza is placed. The handle, which is supposed to be long enough to avoid burning your hands, places the pizza deep into the oven.


What are the types of pizza peel?

Pizza peels are typically made of wood or metal. A wooden peel is a traditional tool that has been used for more than a hundred years. It is typically made of wood or bamboo, either coated with a slick finish or uncoated. On the other hand, a metal pizza peel is usually made of aluminum or steel.

Many beginners are asking what type of pizza peel is best? The answer depends on different factors like:

  • size of the pizza
  • size of the kitchen
  • type of oven
  • purpose

To make the right choice, it is recommended to know the advantages and disadvantages of wood pizza peel vs. metal peel.

Wood Pizza Peel


Pizza dough tends to stick to wet surfaces. However, with wood pizza peel, this is less of an issue. Flour can be dusted on the wooden surface preventing the dough from sticking, making the pizza slide easily without damaging the toppings. The roughness and uneven surface of a wooden pizza peel allow air to flow under the pizza, making transferring it easier. It also has an angled tip to make sliding the pizza into the oven much easier.

Turning around and taking out a finished pie with wood pizza peel may be challenging. However, with constant practice, it can be done. Moreover, baked pies are also not nearly as a risk to move around as raw ones.

Wooden pizza peel could be a great cutting board and platter in serving hor’s d'oeuvres.

Another advantage of using a wooden pizza peel is its handle. The handle of a wooden pizza peel does not heat as much as the metal peel does making it safer to use. In addition, the wooden pizza peel handle has a sturdier grasp even if it becomes oily.

A wooden pizza peel is not only functional but it provides aesthetic appeal. It exudes a more natural, traditional and rustic appeal than its metal counterpart.

A peel made of wood is porous and absorbs moisture, thus there is no need to apply oil onto it.

One of the best wood pizza peels that is highly recommended is made by Authentic Pizza Ovens. Our wooden peel is made from hard pine wood. The ½ “thick pizza peel has a tapered design for easy handling.  Its 8” handle is great for a safe and firm grip in smaller kitchens. A 12” x14” blade makes a perfect peel in handling small pizzas. The handle is made shorter for mobility. Wooden peels are generally more versatile to aluminum blades.

Our wooden peel comes in these dimensions:

  • Blade Width: 12″
  • Handle Length 7”
  • Blade Length: 14″
  • Overall Length 21”

With these features, Authentic Pizza Ovens peels are easily the Handiest Peel!



A wooden pizza peel is far from being a perfect tool. Its bulkiness can make it harder to store and its thickness makes it harder to handle. Some wooden peels measure about 26-40 inches long and you need to nail it on the wall.

There is more maintenance with a wooden peel vs. a metal one. A wood pizza peel must be carefully dried after washing to prevent warping. Mineral oil is rubbed regularly to prevent the absorption of stain and to remove foul odor. Soaking it in water is not recommended while it is still hot. This could create cracks and split over time.


Metal Pizza Peel


Most metal peels are durable since they are made from either steel or aluminum. A metal pizza peel usually outlives a wooden pizza peel by five years or more.

It is easier to maintain since it does not absorb residues and stains that prevent bacteria from spreading.

An aluminum pizza peel is lighter making maneuvering easier and faster pace during work making productivity higher. It is a better choice when it comes to weight and sizes.



One big disadvantage of a metal pizza peel is in terms of stickiness. Sticky dough is harder to place into the oven with a metal pizza peel surface. This happens when dirt and steam get trapped on the surface. The built-up steam underneath results in stickiness.

There is no perfect pizza peel. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. A wooden pizza peel is best in placing the raw dough into the oven and turning it around. On the other hand, a metal pizza oven is great for maneuvering the dough and taking out the pizza. It is best to consider the size of the kitchen, the size of the pizza, the purpose of the peel, and the type of oven to use in making your purchasing decision. 

To know more about the best wooden pizza peel for a wood-fired oven, check out our pizza peels here.

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