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How to Make the Crispiest Pizza in a Wood-Fired Oven

How to Bake Pizza in Brick Oven


You know you are a passionate cook when you want the best ingredients and the experience to be as authentic as possible. You will leave no stone unturned to come up with the best dish. 

The same goes with pizza making. You need to buy the quality ingredients, the craftsmanship, and the right tools. When it comes to the right tools, having a wood fired pizza oven is your best choice. Setting up an outdoor pizza oven or a  backyard pizza oven would add more excitement to the adventure. 

 But how do you achieve that awesome crispiness of a woodfire pizza? 

Here is the experts’ advice. 


Maintain the right temperature

Baking at a high temperature is ideal to make the interior and the oven floor heat to be balanced. A perfectly crispy pizza is achieved by baking in a high heat oven. The dough needs to be baked longer making the toppings dry in a low temperature oven. Keep an eye on the fire making sure it is even to avoid burning the pie. 


Use a rich protein flour
A pizza flour should contain no more than 14 percent protein content. A high protein flour could withstand the uncontrolled fermentation than flour with a lower protein content. A high protein flour gives the pizza its chewy and tough characteristic. 


Make the woods consistent
Hardwoods are recommended for it burns slowly and more consistently than softwoods. Sticking to the same kind of wood whether birch, cherry or apple is important to maintain the same quality that a brick pizza oven gives. 


Do not forget the oil
Oil is one basic yet overlooked ingredient of any pizza. When it comes to oil, olive oil remains the top choice. It helps conduct heat better. Drizzle half a teaspoon or 200-300 gram of olive oil around the finished dough. 


Choose thin crust pizza to make it crispy

Choose thin crust 
A thick crust pizza may be more filling than a thin crust pizza. But it takes longer to bake it and it does not give the same crispiness that a thin crust pizza does. 


Avoid watery toppings
When it comes to pizza toppings, the lesser the better. Watery vegetables like tomatoes, broccoli and spinach release moisture when heated making the dough soggy and wet rather than crispy.

If you use mozzarella cheese, drain it in advance by using a paper towel. Cut it and let it dry in the fridge for a few hours prior to baking. Avoid fatty cheese, too, to make your pizza less greasy. 

Too watery sauce could also make your pizza damp. Allow the pizza sauce to simmer longer to remove excess liquid. The consistency depends on the amount of sauce you need for your dough. 


Proof your dough well
Proofing your dough well is one secret to a crispy pizza. An underproof crust won’t turn out crispy while an overproof dough is unlikely to rise since no live yeast is mixed. 

Pizza making is an art. Like any form of art, you need to have the skill, experience, and right tools. Whether you have set up a fuel powered oven or an outdoor pizza oven in your home, the secret to a perfect, appetizing, and crispy pizza depends on how much you want to do the job. 


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