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Pizza Oven Makes Appearance On Australian Home Renovation Show 'The Block'

Pizza Oven Makes Appearance On Australian Home Renovation Show 'The Block' 0

Pizza Oven Makes Appearance On Australian Home Renovation Show


An Australian home renovation show, The Block, heading into its seventeenth season features a couple who wants to put a pizza oven in the backyard of the home they are renovating. The couple, Luke and Jasmin, pitched the idea of a “pizza party pit” that would include a woodfired pizza oven and a fire pit.


Adding a pizza oven to a home renovation plan shows that the comforting sights and smells of a woodfired pizza – cooked in your own backyard isn’t limited to the United States. At Authentic Pizza Ovens we know pizza ovens are the ultimate way to throw a party. In fact, guests could make their own pies with a buffet of pizza topping choices you supply!


The coronavirus pandemic, which has kept many families home and not allowed for outings or even gatherings of friends has lead to an increase interest in authentic pizza ovens.

Authentic Pizza Oven company Australian/American owner, Penny Tuton says, “Because the pandemic has closed many restaurants and families are staying close to home they have been looking for ways to add unique foods to their diet and with a pizza oven you can cook a pizza or an entire meal and dessert in one. An Authentic Pizza Oven makes eating at home a treat!”


The company has been shipping ovens across the United States, Canada and yes, even Australia. “It’s not our pizza oven on The Block, but we love that home renovators understand how much fun it is to have a pizza oven right in your own backyard,” she said. 

Another plus to a pizza oven, especially for people who live in colder areas of the country that may be prone to power outages – a pizza oven is able to be used.

If you’re new to pizza ovens and their versatility, we have written articles and shared recipes on how to cook:

  1. Wood-fired fish, an ideal main course
  2. Wood-fired roasted carrots with arugula pesto as a unique side dish
  3. Wood-fired Bananas Foster for dessert
  4. As an appetizer or after-dinner treat you can add wood-fired roasted chipotle nuts


Of course, let’s not forget the best use of your Authentic Pizza Oven – to make pizzas. When you have your own pizza oven you can experiment with toppings. Don’t think you have to stick to the traditional cheese and pepperoni pizza when there are choices such as vegetarian, chicken-bacon ranch options and breakfast pizzas. 

Contact us if you want to know more about Authentic Pizza Ovens, how versatile they are, how to set one up and why they make great holiday gifts!

We ship daily out of the United States, Canada and Australia! If anyone on The Block is looking for an Authentic Pizza Oven, click here and let’s talk.



How To Start Your Own Food Truck Business Serving Pizza!

How To Start Your Own Food Truck Business Serving Pizza! 0

 Imagine serving specialty pizzas, cooked in an authentic pizza oven. You can update the toppings based on the season, on the type of event you’re attending or you could have build your own options to cater to the unique tastes of your customers. Pizza cooked in an authentic pizza oven impart a unique flavor, texture and beautiful presentation that foodies demand.
Holiday Man Cave Gift Ideas

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Do you have a man in your life and on your holiday gift list that you just don't know what to buy for him? Does he have a man cave? Has he always wanted a man cave? If so, an authentic pizza oven is a gift that keeps on giving long after the holiday memories have faded. 
How To Cook With Portuguese Ceramics

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Cooking in Portuguese ceramics or clay pots was perfected in the Mediterranean region as far back as the Roman times. The exact origin of cooking in ceramic may be in question, but the tastiness of foods cooked in an Authentic Pizza Oven in Portuguese ceramics cannot be called into question! 
  • Penny Warring
Autumn And The Cooking In The Pizza Oven Is Delicious!

Autumn And The Cooking In The Pizza Oven Is Delicious! 0

We’re a few days into the “official” start of Autumn. In some areas of the country, the leaves have begun falling and the temperatures are dipping in the late afternoon and evening. The days are getting shorter, but the desire to enjoy delicious authentic pizza oven pizza never wanes!

If the cooler days have you yearning for cooking in your authentic pizza oven we thoroughly understand that. When that nip is in the air and the leaves are gently falling, our thoughts turn to “comfort” foods and the seasonal colors and flavors of autumn.

  • Penny Warring
How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen

How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen 0

We've been working with Anne of All Trades and she recently received one of our Authentic Pizza Ovens and began the project of building an outdoor kitchen, the centerpiece being the pizza oven. 

Anne has been writing about her journey from city dweller to someone who works with her hands and lives a farm-to-table life. 

Newest on her plate (see what we did there!) is wood-fired pizza and other foods she's been experimenting with in her Authentic Pizza Oven. 

To read about Anne of All Trade's outdoor kitchen project update with the installation of her Authentic Wood-fired Pizza oven, click here