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What Is the Best Oven Option for Commercial Use?

There's no doubt that a high-quality wood-fired pizza oven can set your restaurant, food truck, or catering service above the rest, creating delicious, crispy pizzas everyone is sure to love. However, knowing which oven is the best option for your business can be confusing and overwhelming due to the many choices on the market. If you're searching for the perfect oven to fit your needs but you don' know where to start, this article will tell you everything you need to know to make an informed choice so you can make your customers the delicious pizza they crave that keeps them coming back for more!



What Type of Oven Should I Choose?

Our love for wood-fired pizza ovens is undeniable since we know they produce the highest quality results in the shortest amount of time. However, there are different types of ovens you can choose from for your restaurant.

Conveyor Deck Pizza Oven

A conveyor oven is typically seen in fast food pizza chains. You place your uncooked pizza on the conveyor, and it moves it through, cooking it along the way. Although convenient, they don't produce high-quality tasting pizzas since they're unable to get the crispy bottom or deep flavors other cooking methods deliver. Conveyor ovens use convection or radiant heating, which heats quickly but doesn't reach the higher temperatures necessary to bring out the pizza ingredients to their fullest. They are also pricey, costing up to $30,000, which is impractical for most businesses.

Pizza Deck Ovens

Pizza Deck ovens are similar to smaller conventional oven varieties and work on the same premise. You place the pizza inside, one at a time, and wait as it cooks them through conduction or radiant heat. Pizza Deck ovens are suitable for small restaurants that don't focus solely on selling pizza and offer a wider variety of menu items. Pizza deck ovens are a great addition to a restaurant that wants to offer its customers one or two pizza items on the menu but doesn't focus solely on selling pizza as their main event. The biggest downside for pizza deck ovens is the price, which, similar to conveyor options, can cost upward of $25,000.

Brick Pizza Ovens

Brick pizza ovens or wood-fired ovens are ideal for those whose restaurant or business focuses on providing delicious and authentic pizza. The wood fire gives the pizza a depth of flavor it cannot get anywhere else, while the stone cooking slab creates a crispy crust that is truly unmatched. You can cook every type of pizza in a brick oven, including Sicilian, California-style, Chicago, New York, and Neapolitan.


Brick pizza oven


Depending upon the size, with a Brick pizza oven, you can cook around eighty pizzas an hour in only two to five minutes each, allowing you to provide your customers with lightning-fast service that tastes like it took all day to make! Wood-fired pizza ovens are great for indoor and outdoor use and come in traditional or mobile sizes, so even catering companies and food trucks can offer their customers authentic wood-fired pizza.

Types Of Commercial Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

When choosing the right wood-fired pizza oven for your restaurant, food truck, or catering service, there are three factors you should keep in mind: space, capacity, and speed.


Space: You want to ensure you get an oven that fits properly in your available space. If you have a brick-and-mortar building, you may have room for a larger traditional oven, while a food truck or caterer would want a smaller, more mobile option.

Capacity: Consider your customer count and choose an oven that can accommodate that capacity. As a rule, you want to leave room for growth, so choose an option that can make the largest number of pizzas per hour.

Speed: Cooking speed is one of the most important aspects of choosing the best commercial oven to meet your needs. You don't want to keep your customer waiting for abnormally long periods of time, so picking a model that can create high-quality results in the shortest amount of time, is ideal. You should be able to cook your pies in under two minutes.

Traditional Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

Traditional wood-fired pizza ovens are perfect for permanent locations like country clubs, wineries, and on-site restaurants. You want to choose a highly insulated model with multiple layers to keep the heat inside where it belongs. You should also pay special attention to the hardware since it is exposed to extreme temperatures and, in some cases, outdoor elements, and ensure it includes a thermometer to quickly and easily monitor the internal cooking temperature.



While not necessary, a door with a high heat viewing window allows you to monitor your pizza without dropping the temperature from opening it to see the cooking progress. We recommend the Lisboa Premium and the Buena Ventura "Preto" Premium Oven as two fantastic options for commercial use. Please note that these ovens are not large enough to run a pizzeria or a cafe that serves only pizza but fabulous if a wood-fired item is on the menu.


Portable Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

For businesses that cook on the go, you can take your portable wood-fired pizza oven with you! These are much easier and safer to travel with than the brick ones especially on roads with potholes and speedbumps. Portable pizza ovens are an excellent way for food trucks and catering services to access the same delicious and high-quality cooking methods our traditional ovens offer in a smaller mobile size.




The Maximus Prime Arena Portable Pizza Oven gives you the same results as larger traditional models with a weight of only 300lbs! It heats up in only thirty minutes and delivers crispy, delicious pizza in only three minutes. Now your business can grow faster than ever, thanks to the Maximus Prime's lightning-fast cooking speeds that produce up to 150 pizzas an hour! The versatility of this incredible mobile oven doesn't stop there; use it to roast chicken, veggies, bread, and more so you can increase your offerings to your customers.

When searching for the best oven for your commercial business, look no farther than Authentic Pizza Ovens. Our high-quality handmade ovens will produce the tastiest pizzas imaginable, keeping your customers coming back time and time again. Don't trust your restaurant, food truck, or catering company's oven to just anyone; turn to Authentic Pizza Ovens and see the difference our wood-fired ovens make for you!

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