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How To Cook With Portuguese Ceramics

Authentic pizza oven owners understand that cooking in a Portuguese clay pot or ceramics produces the most delicious foods you can place before friends and family. 

The method of cooking in Portuguese ceramics or clay pots was perfected in the Mediterranean region in the Roman times. Many countries lay claim to being the first to cook and serve lamb haunches using this cooking technique. While the origin of the cooking method may be in question the tastiness of the foods cooked in a pizza oven in Portuguese ceramics cannot be called into question! 

Why use Portuguese ceramics in your Authentic Pizza Oven?

When you use ceramic bakeware, cookware or pizza pans in your pizza oven you are using cookware that cooks more evenly than other pans. Ceramic cookware also retains heat after cooking and this makes it an ideal material for cooking cobblers, casseroles or stews that are best enjoyed warm.


Before putting your ceramics into your Authentic Pizza Oven 

The pot or baking pan must be soaked in cold water for at least thirty minutes before you use it the first time. Once it's been used and soaked once, you can cut the soaking time down to fifteen minutes before use. The ceramics must be soaked prior to each use.  Ceramic baking dish must not be cold going into the oven. If you are marinating food in the refrigerator make sure it is at room temp before placing in your pizza oven.

Why soak Portuguese ceramics? 

The ceramics will absorb the moisture and will convert it into steam during the cooking process in the authentic pizza oven. The steam will cook the food without the addition of any type of oils. This makes your cooking healthier. 

What can you cook in an Authentic Pizza Oven in Portuguese ceramics?

One meal you could cook in your ceramic cookware is a pot roast.

Put cubed beef, potatoes, onions, carrots and garlic into the cookware. Add a half a cup of wine for flavor. Put the ceramic vessel into the Authentic Pizza Oven and let cook until the meat is tender.

Remember, the steam from the soaked pot will help cook the ingredients and leave them moist and tender.


To clean the ceramic cookware 

After you've enjoyed your meal, clean the cooled ceramic pot by rubbing coarse-grained salt over the entire inside surface. Don't use detergents as they will be absorbed into the porous ceramic material and will be released into your food the next time you use the ceramic cookware. 

Have you cooked with Portuguese ceramics in your Authentic Pizza Oven? What are your best cooking tips and favorite recipes? We's love to know! 




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    Hi! My husband got an oven from you about a year ago and we are loving it!!! We need more Portuguese cooking dishes. How do I order from you please. Thank you Theresa Pace

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